What we do

Laura A. Robbins Consulting, LLC

brings the expertise of decades’ work in the fields of philanthropy and social change to help organizations, nationwide, to achieve their goals. Laura’s unique ability to clarify issues and guide her clients through a process that results in delivering crystal-clear solutions is what sets her apart from the rest — all in a supportive, productive atmosphere.

LARC alleviates the stress, and helps guide you, your colleagues and your associates to the finish line.


Leading a process to clarify core issues, LARC will develop a plan, often bringing multiple partners together to help organizations achieve their goal…

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Taking into account the political, economic and cultural realities of a situation, LARC will help design a program ripe for implementation…

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LARC assists groups of individuals to learn from each other, uncovering opportunities only possible when they are prompted to see…

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  • 112 Stonegate Drive
             Arden, NC 28704
  • 646.338.6105
  • laura@larc.net